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Athletes everywhere have discovered that Soy Almost Nuts fire roasted soy snacks are the ultimate workout & training super food because they contain more than twice the protein of their old energy bars! And they don’t contain salt, sugar or other processing ingredients and preservatives like most bars do. Check out the chart below for more information and a comparison with some of the most popular energy & protein bars on the market. Want the secret to winning your next competition? Give Soy Almost Nuts a try!

Clif Bar® Picky Bar® Soy Almost Nuts®
Protein (grams) 5.9 7.0 17.8
Fiber (grams) 2.6 4 7.9
Carbohydrates (grams) 29.7 28 15.2
Sugar (grams) 13.9 18 0.1
Sodium (milligrams) 9.2 11.8 0.1
Saturated Fat (grams) 1 2 1.6

The secret is out!  Soy Almost Nuts® provide more protein per serving than just about any other source. Why pay for expensive nutrition bars that are mostly sugar? The protein and amino acids in Soy Almost Nuts® snacks provide the long-term energy source today’s athletes need to stay competitive and maintain the endurance that keeps them ahead. Give Soy Almost Nuts a try!